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International Travel Is Bouncing Back.

International travel is back. After more than a year of lockdowns due to COVID-19, the travel industry is bouncing back to life. Airports are getting crowded with travelers again. Hotel and airline bookings are surging more quickly than anticipated. Many countries have lifted their travel restrictions and reopened their borders again or at least are planning for it. The United States is lifting international travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers on Nov. 8. Some countries even allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter their countries without any quarantine requirement upon arrival.

This is all good news not just for the world economy but also for those who have been itching to travel abroad since the pandemic started. With the year-end holiday seasons just around the corner, many people are making travel plans again or have already started making bookings for holiday trips abroad.

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No more hassle of searching for local phone shops to buy a local physical SIM in a country you are not familiar with, thus wasting precious sight seeing time and disrupting your itinerary. And if you are running out of data, just order another eSIM online, wherever you are at.

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